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A SaaS startup working in financial services, contacted Apptentic Technologies, needing the most reliable and secure infrastructure you can build with AWS Cloud. Being an innovation leader in fintech sector, the startup understood importance of complying with highest security standards. After spending countless hours finding ways to harden security and improve resilience we’re extremely proud of our joint masterpiece


A company which is an important importer and distributor of foreign foods in Ireland came to Apptentic Technologies with very clear business goal - improve efficiency of their supply chain. To find solution, together with business experts and stakeholders we closely analyzed processes, procedures and policies employed and used gained understanding to roll out custom price management and barcode and...

ALL QUIZ QUESTIONS is our gift to the community of quiz aficionados. With the app we set out on a mission to help thousands of quiz aficionados around the world, get access to professionally prepared quiz materials as well as guidance to improving engagement with public at quiz events in corporate, fundraising, educational or personal setting. Technologies used include Symfony/PHP, HTML/CSS/JS, integration...


Apptentic Technologies has teamed up with Stella Doradus to bring to life dream of IoT enabling their fleet of radio signal boosters. This allowed Stella Doradus gain huge competitive advantage and opened up new horizons for application of their devices via remote monitoring, control of the devices as well intelligent data analysis

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