You got an amazing idea for a mobile app. You’ve done your research and know who you want to serve. Now you need to make it real and get it out there. However it can be quite expensive to develop a native app for each of the app stores. It also takes more time.

Imagine having a mobile app that can run on multiple devices, that could reach more users using the same code. One app to rule them all.

Here at Apptentic we help people with great ideas to design and develop hybrid apps. These apps are just as fast as native apps and have no difference in functionality. They are cheap and easy to maintain.

Let us know what mobile app idea you have in mind!

The process



We understand your goals and your customers behavior, needs and emotions and we come up with different concepts and strategies.



We focus the design on the UX. We do low fidelity prototypes to get quick feedback before creating the visual identity.



We design and code Hybrid Apps so that your application can be used across all mobile platforms.

Hybrid apps are developed using HTML5. We can take your project from concept to version 1.0 in just a few weeks as we use agile methodologies. Our software development is Iterative and incremental. That means new features are added constantly based on user feedback.

are you ready?

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