Imagine a world of interconnected devices and machines that act autonomously and that we control by using smartphones, PCs, tablets and device interfaces. According to the forecasts there will be 24 billion IoT devices installed and nearly 6 trillion spent on IoT solutions by 2020. The world expects to see a transformation across every industry, introducing new capabilities and processes. Exciting times!

Businesses of all sizes recognize IoT as the key to innovation and more revenue streams, and we can’t wait see you be part of this! Here at Apptentic we help restless minds like yours to assess IoT opportunities that can leverage your business.

See how we can help:

The process



We analyse your business model and identify key scenarios in which you can integrate digital and physical worlds.



With connectivity in mind from the start, we design for customer value considering cross-device interactions.



You get a working prototype of your product that you can use to test it out with customers and assess future mass production.

We build a rapid prototype version as a proof of concept to know if your IoT application is technically feasible and if there is a market for it. We use microchips, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PIC microcontrollers, WiFi, bluetooth, the cloud and sensors.

are you ready?

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