Here at Apptentic Technologies we believe in the power of technology to make life better and help businesses.

We look after software development projects with the objective of connecting people with what matters most: the experience.

We are based in Dublin, Ireland, from where we work closely with a number of trusted partners who specialise in UX, UI and front and back end development.

Our Principles

We prefer to work with you, rather than for you. Our clients become part of the team.
We do the best work we can and we focus on providing the best user experience possible.
We are always honest and open with our clients and we create relationships based on trust

Things we love


We love to mingle with fellow peers and we believe that having a collaborative and supportive community is one of the keys to succeed. We are the organizers of the Hackers and Founders, a community of tech entrepreneurs and developers with more than 3000 members. I's a place to talk about technology but also a place where people feel connected, supported, inspired and empowered.


We embrace personal and professional growth and development as well as continuos learning. We learn every day, from the people around us, from what we see on the internet, from what we read in the books. Self learning is one of the things that makes humans flourish, and we strive to become the best version of ourselves.


They are the creators, the leaders and the visionaries. They have fear. But they still take action. They fail. But every time, they fail better. We admire people who take risks, who are enthusiastic and who believe in themselves.

are you ready?

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